Korean Calligraphy font

Korean Calligraphy font
(Dec '08-May 2009)

This font is based on 'Hangeul', the Korean alphabet, and reflects calligraphy typeface.
I recommend that you use this font if you want to create an oriental mood.


made by hiJoju


band Guckkasten Graphic design (album style) - 국카스텐 그래픽 디자인

band Guckkasten Graphic design

by hijoju

band Guckkasten - 'Mirror' - Music Video 국카스텐 '거울' 제작

band Guckkasten 'Mirror' Music Video
(Sep-Dec 2008)

(TV capture)

 making img.

Cho Juhyung (hijoju)
Kwon Soonah
Gil Sieun

Jang Minsang

Posted by hijoju


Baduk TV Station ID

Baduk-TV Station ID
(Apr. 2008)

by hijoju

T-shirt design for 2out.com


(This design was used at the teaser site)

T-shirt design for 2out.com
(Jul 2007)

client : 2out.com

by hijoju

Rahzel - If your mother only knew (Montage ver.)

Rahzel - If your mother only knew - Montage ver.
(Dec. 2007)

made by hijoju

The real story in China bus

The real story in China bus
(Nov. 2007)

by hijoju

Parody,2004 (photo montage)


2004 U.S. Presidential election as boxing match,
George Bush vs John Kerry

the referee is Bin Laden who appeared in new video 4 days before the election.

In such a situation, Korean people say,
"It's a conspiratorial Go-stop game."

* This flower card game is called 'Go-stop', 'Godori' or 'Hwatu'.
(known as 'Hanafuda' in Japan).

by hijoju


The Drawing in my army, prison

The Drawing in the army
(Nov. 2006)

When I was a prison soldier,
I drew us, 'Task Force' who can't take off the boots all day.

by hijoju

Suicide Jump (realistic photo montage)

Realistic Montage

digital photography in Han River

by hijoju